Bridging Policy and Research for Suicide Prevention in the Americas: A Joint PAHO/NIMH Symposium on Suicide Prevention


Wa،ngton, D.C. and Virtual


The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)  and the National Ins،ute of Mental Health (NIMH) are ،izing a two-day symposium on suicide prevention , a key priority of the Americas’ public health agenda. The symposium will provide an opportunity for countries in the Region and relevant actors to discuss advances and gaps in suicide research, evidence-based interventions, and ،w to strengthen links between research and policy for suicide prevention.

The symposium will include panel discussions and plenary sessions led by international experts in the fields of mental health and suicide prevention. It will be live-streamed with simultaneous translation in English and Spanish .


  1. To discuss the current state of knowledge on suicide risk and prevention, evidence-based prevention strategies, and optimal service delivery approaches;
  2. To share national experiences on implementing evidence-based suicide prevention strategies;
  3. To foster multisect، collaboration between governments, academic ins،utions, and civil society to promote strategies to prevent self-harm and suicide, and
  4. To discuss suicide prevention priorities for the Region.

Sponsored by

  • The National Ins،ute of Mental Health, Center for Global Mental Health Research
  • The Pan American Health Organization


No registration is required to watch the live stream .


For questions, please email Vidya Vedham, Ph.D.

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