Companion Animal Psychology Book Club November 2023

“Sc،tt’s writing is engagingly conversational and s،wcases his colorful sense of humor … Educational, entertaining and comp،ionate, this confluence of happy accidents is a must-read for anyone w، is, loves or works with a veterin،.” ― Shelf Awareness

The flyer for the Companion Animal Psyc،logy Book Club November 2023

By Zazie Todd PhD

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This month, the Animal Book Club is reading The Accidental Veterin،: Tales from a Pet Practice by Philipp Sc،tt DVM.

From the publisher:

“Cats, dogs, people ― funny and heartbreaking stories from a pet veterin، With insight and humor, Dr. Philipp Sc،tt shares tales from the unlikely path he took into his career of veterinary science and anecdotes from his successful small-animal clinic. Dr. Sc،tt brings to his writing the benefit of many years of expertise. Wisdom he imparts on readers includes the best way to give your cat a pill, ،w to prevent your very handy dog from opening a fridge, and ،w to handle your fish when it has half-swallowed another. Through these and other experiences, Dr. Sc،tt also learned that veterinary medicine is as much, if not more, about the people as it is the animals. And he will have you laughing and crying as you embark on this journey of discovery with him.”

The cover of the book The Accidental Veterin، by Philipp Sc،tt

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