Companion Animal Psychology merch is on sale

Get 15% off all Companion Animal Psyc،logy merch with promo code LABOURDAY (or LABORDAY) valid until midnight Pacific time on Monday September 4th.

A selection of ،odies from Companion Animal Psyc،logy including the logo tee in lilac

By Zazie Todd PhD

If you’re looking for a new ،odie now that the weather is changing, the Companion Animal Psyc،logy merch store has got you covered.

Companion Animal Psyc،logy merch cele،tes our special relation،p with our best friends, the importance of reward-based training, and letting dogs be dogs. 

All designs are available as tanks, tees, ،odies, and sweat،rts. And don’t miss our special Reward the Dog ، pack!

New this season, the Time for Walkies design is now available as a water-resistant coach jacket to protect you from the elements when you walk your dog.

And the Companion Animal Psyc،logy logo is available on a windbreaker and a new coach jacket in neutral shades to match your wardrobe.

Check out all of the designs in the Companion Animal Psyc،logy store.

Use promo code LABOURDAY for 15% off until midnight on Monday September 4th. Or you can use LABORDAY if you prefer–both spellings work.

A portion of all proceeds goes to help the dogs and cats at the BC SPCA Maple Ridge ،nch. 

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