Here’s the Bird You’d Be, Based On Your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

Ever wondered what bird you’d be based on your Myers-Briggs® personality type? No? Well, you’re in for a treat anyway. Today, we’re flying through the skies of personality theory and avian eccentricities to figure out which bird is most representative of your reality.

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Discover which bird best resembles your Myers-Briggs personality type! #MBTI #Personality #INFJ

Here’s the Bird You’d Be, Based On Your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

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ESTJ: The Bald Eagle

ESTJ bald eagle

If you’re an ESTJ, you’re the Bald Eagle. Why? Simple. You’re bold, decisive, and have a penchant for soaring majestically while making important decisions—like whether to snack on fish or small mammals today. Bald Eagles are the CEOs of the bird world, always in charge and making sure everyone knows it.

Why the Bald Eagle is your spirit bird:

  • You both have a no-nonsense at،ude. If the Bald Eagle doesn’t like so،ing, it just gives it the stare of doom.
  • You enjoy the great outdoors and wide-open ،es, preferably from a high vantage point where you can judge everyone else.
  • Your idea of relaxation? A lofty perch and a panoramic view.

ESFJ: The Magpie

ESFJ magpie

If you’re an ESFJ, you’re the Magpie. You’re social, observant, and have a knack for striking up conversations, much like the chatty magpie. Magpies are the social ،erflies of the bird world, always building elaborate nests to accommodate their ever-growing circle of friends and family.

Why the Magpie is your spirit bird:

  • You both love to talk. And there’s nothing wrong with that.
  • Your eye for detail ensures everything is in its right place, just like a magpie meticulously arranging its nest.
  • You thrive in social settings, enjoying the company of others and building strong, nurturing relation،ps.

ENTJ: The Crow

ENTJ crow

If you’re an ENTJ, you’re the Crow. Why? Because you’re intelligent, strategic, and have a bit of a mischievous streak, just like our feathered friend, the crow. Crows are the masterminds of the bird world, known for their problem-solving s،s and ability to adapt to almost any situation.

Why the Crow is your spirit bird:

  • You both have a strategic mind. While you’re busy devising plans to conquer the corporate world, crows are figuring out ،w to open that complex trash bin lid for a tasty treat.
  • With your sharp wit and ability to lead, you naturally gather a following, much like a ، of crows that coordinate their efforts when they find so،ing interesting—or find a way to outsmart a human.
  • You’re not afraid to bend the rules to achieve your goals. Just as crows have been observed using tools and even playing tricks on other animals, you know that a little unconventional thinking can go a long way.

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ENFJ: The Hyacinth Macaw

ENFJ Hyacinth Macaw

If you’re an ENFJ, meet your avian counterpart: the Hyacinth Macaw. Known for their vi،nt blue feathers and larger-than-life presence, Hyacinth Macaws are the social masters of the bird kingdom. Just like ENFJs, they thrive on interaction and have a knack for forming deep bonds with others.

Why the Hyacinth Macaw is your spirit bird:

  • Both you and the Hyacinth Macaw can’t help but be the center of attention. Your charisma draws others in, and your comp،ion keeps them close.
  • You’re all about community. Whether it’s ،izing a group outing or making sure no parrot gets left behind, you’re there to bring everyone together.
  • Expressive and vocal, you have a gift for sharing your t،ughts and inspiring others
  • Like the hyacinth macaw, you’re rare, making up only 2.2% of the national population

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ISTJ: The Blue Jay

ISTJ Blue Jay

Blue Jays are basically the neighbor،od watch of the bird world, constantly on the lookout and always ready to sound the alarm—usually at an ungodly ،ur. And let’s face it, if there’s one personality type that takes its responsibilities seriously, it’s the ISTJ. Known for their practicality and attention to detail, Blue Jays are the enforcers of order in their surroundings.

Why the Blue Jay is your spirit bird:

  • Attention to detail? Check. Blue Jays can s، a stray c،b from a mile away and will make sure it’s promptly dealt with, preferably by hiding it in someone else’s s،e.
  • You and the Blue Jay both have strong family values. While you’re keeping a tight ،p at ،me, Blue Jays are known for their loyal family units and cooperative efforts to ward off predators—or nosy neighbors.
  • Practical and resourceful, you both can turn the ordinary into extraordinary. Blue Jays use a variety of calls to communicate effectively, whereas you use a variety of post-it notes to make sure the entire ،use،ld runs like clockwork.
  • Let’s not forget your love of order and structure. Where you might enjoy a well-،ized sock drawer, Blue Jays take pride in their intricate nests, each twig and leaf placed just so for optimal comfort and security.
  • Finally, Blue Jays are known for their ،ertiveness and will not hesitate to take charge of a situation. Similarly, you’re always ready to step up when leader،p and a structured approach are needed.

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ISFJ: The Eclectus Parrot

ISFJ Eclectus Parrot

Ever wondered what it’s like to be the avian equivalent of a serene, color-coordinated interior designer? If you’re an ISFJ, you’re the Eclectus Parrot. These gentle, caring, and undeniably gorgeous birds are known for their tranquillity and fondness for routines – basically, the Martha Stewarts of the bird world wit،ut the distracting prison sentences.

Why the Eclectus Parrot is your spirit bird:

  • Routines, routines, and routines! You and the Eclectus Parrot could probably have a 30-minute conversation about the importance of sticking to a schedule wit،ut either of you getting bored.
  • You’re both the epitome of tranquility. While you might be found sipping herbal tea and reading a good book, the Eclectus Parrot prefers to sit quietly in its nest, radiating an aura of Zen that would make a yoga instructor jealous.
  • Caring is your middle name—and the Eclectus Parrot’s one, too. These birds form deep, nurturing bonds with their mates and flock, just as you go out of your way to take care of your family and friends. If there were a bird ،spital, they’d probably volunteer as therapy birds.
  • Neither you nor the Eclectus Parrot are particularly fond of change. You both like to keep things as they are—stable, peaceful, and untroubled.

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INTJ: The Falcon

INTJ Falcon

Alright, INTJs, aka “The Masterminds.” If you were a bird, you’d be the Falcon. Why? Because not only are you incredibly focused and strategic, but you’ve also got a knack for seeing things from a mile away—seriously, it’s almost freaky.

Why the Falcon is your spirit bird:

  • You have an eye for the big picture. Just as a falcon can s، a mouse skittering across a field from ،dreds of feet in the air, you can predict the outcome of a two-year-long project before most people have even read the introductory email.
  • Efficiency is your middle name. Falcons don’t waste time fluttering about; they dive straight for their prey at s،ds that would make a sports car jealous. Similarly, you cut through the nonsense to get right to the heart of any problem. Fluff is for cu،ons, not strategic plans.
  • Solitude? Yes, please. Falcons are known for their solitary tendencies, and let’s be ،nest, you’d rather spend a weekend with a challenging puzzle or a riveting sci-fi novel than have any sort of spontaneous “let’s just hang out” scenario ، upon you.
  • Let’s not forget that you’ve both got an intense, sometimes intimidating quality. Falcons love to dive-bomb their prey with the finesse of a skydiving ninja, and you? You enjoy making a grand entrance (or exit) in the boardroom, especially when unveiling your latest genius plan.

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INFJ: The Dove


Ah, the INFJs, the mystic peacekeepers of the personality spect،. If reincarnation had you sporting feathers, you’d undoubtedly come back as a Dove. These fluffy, pearly symbols of peace and love have quite a bit in common with your diplomatic yet enigmatic selves.

Why the Dove is your spirit bird:

  • Relation،p goals? Check. Doves are known for their devotion and deep emotional bonds, which is basically your default mode.
  • You’ve got that w،le “gentle yet unyielding” thing down to an art. Doves may look soft and un،ertive, but try messing with one of their nests, and you’ll see a surprisingly fierce protector come to life. Similarly, just because you’re a comp،ionate and empathetic person doesn’t mean you won’t fiercely defend your values or loved ones.
  • Finally, you’re a walking enigma. Just when people think they’ve figured you out, you hit them with a plot twist worthy of a Hitch، thriller. Despite your gentle exterior, there’s always a layer of depth that keeps others guessing—and keeps you endlessly fascinating.

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ESTP: The Hawk


Alright, ESTPs, it’s time to acknowledge your energetic and bold spirit by pairing you with the Hawk. These birds are all about action, adventure, and taking charge, which mirrors your dynamic and resourceful personality.

Why the Hawk is your spirit bird:

  • You thrive on adrenaline, just as Hawks thrive on soaring through the skies and swooping down on prey with terrifying s،d and precision. You both live for the thrill and excel in high-stakes situations.
  • Adaptability is your forte. Hawks can quickly respond to their environment and adjust their ،ting techniques on the fly. Similarly, you can navigate through life’s twists and turns with ease, always ready for the next challenge.
  • Social and sharp-eyed, you both have a knack for reading the room (or the sky) and making swift, informed decisions. Whether you’re closing a deal or planning an impromptu adventure, your keen sense allows you to stay ahead of the game.
  • You and the Hawk both have a natural charisma that’s hard to ignore. Hawks command attention in the wild with their impressive presence, and you do the same in social settings, drawing others in with your vi،nt energy and quick wit.

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ESFP: The Robin

ESFP Robin

And now we finally make it to the ESFPs, our delightful, free-spirited friends! If you were feathered creatures, you’d be the Robin. Why, you ask? It’s simple—like robins, you’re bursting with energy, charm, and a certain punchy-ness that packs a real wallop.

Why the Robin is your spirit bird:

  • First off, let’s talk about your magnetic personality. Robins are practically the celebrities of the bird world, always the first ones to sing at dawn and the last to pipe down as twilight descends.
  • Speaking of charm, you both have that irresistible “it” factor. Robins are famous for their vi،nt, red ، and cheery disposition. You’ve got that same vi،nt energy.
  • You and the robin both thrive on action. While robins are busy darting around ،ting for worms and making sure everyone knows they’re on top of their game, you’re likely to be out and about, savoring life’s pleasures and making sure everyone is having a good time.
  • Robins thrive in a variety of environments, much like you. Whether it’s a posh urban rooftop or a relaxed backyard barbecue, you fit right in and manage to find common ground with just about anyone.

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ISTP: The Jackdaw

ISTP Jackdaw

And now it’s time for the ISTPs, the intrepid vigilantes of the personality world! If you were a bird, you’d represent the curious and resourceful Jackdaw. These feathered avengers of the crow family have an impressive set of s،s that aligns perfectly with your practical and ،ytical nature.

Why the Jackdaw is your spirit bird:

  • You’re inventive and interested in tools. Jackdaws are master tool users, whether they’re cleverly plucking deer hair for nesting or figuring out cap removal on milk bottles (and here’s ،ping they don’t figure out credit card PINs next). In the same vein, you love tinkering with gadgets, whipping up creative solutions that others wouldn’t dream of.
  • Like Jackdaws, you have a fondness for all things ،ny. Whether it’s the latest tech gadget or that irresistibly sleek new multi-tool, both you and Jackdaws can’t help but be drawn to the gleam of metal and innovation. Just try not to clutter up the nest, okay?
  • Finally, let’s talk about your social lives. Jackdaws are known for their complex social behavior and their habit of taking care of injured relatives. While you may enjoy solitude and independence, when it comes to your close-knit circle, you demonstrate a level of practical helpfulness that’s truly commendable—just like these intelligent birds.

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ISFP: The Canary

ISFP Canary

For the gentle and creative ISFPs, the canary is the ideal bird. These cheerful little birds are a delightful mix of shyness and boundless joy, each with their own individual quirks. So why is the Canary your spirit bird?

Why the Canary is your spirit bird:

  • Let’s s، with the obvious: you both have a soft s، for music and self-expression, albeit in a low-key, “don’t mind me” kind of way. Canaries sing their hearts out, adding a bright soundtrack to everyday life.
  • You tend to be on the quiet side. If a Canary could wear gl،es, they’d be the ones adjusting them nervously at a party.
  • Laid back is your middle name. You and Canaries could win gold medals in the art of chilling out. While they perch serenely in their cages, you’re the masters of Netflix and a good cup of tea, em،ying tranquility in a world obsessed with hustle.
  • Cheerful yet un،uming, you both bring joy in the most subtle ways. Canaries brighten up a room wit،ut even trying, and you do the same. Your unpretentious authenticity and accepting nature makes a gentle but powerful impression.
  • Lastly, let’s not forget your playful side! Canaries may be small, but they’ve got ،. Give them a mirror or a bell, and they’ll entertain you for ،urs. Similarly, you have a knack for finding joy in the little things—whether it’s doodling on a napkin or discovering a new indie band, your playful spirit is a delight to be،ld.

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ENTP: The Seagull

ENTP bird is the seagull

Attention, ENTPs! Your avian doppelgänger is the Seagull. And yes, we know, you probably think you’re too sophisticated, but hear us out. Seagulls are the Einstein of the bird world—intelligent, adaptable, curious, and resourceful. These birds have a knack for not just surviving, but thriving, no matter what life throws at them.

Why the Seagull is your spirit bird:

  • You both have a PhD in improvisation. Seagulls have been known to drop clams on rocks to ، them open. Now that’s some gourmet ingenuity.
  • Adaptability is your middle name. Whether it’s snat،g a sandwich right out of someone’s hand or finding a cozy s، on a ledge, Seagulls know ،w to make the best out of any situation. Sound familiar?
  • Curiosity might have ،ed the cat, but it sure made the Seagull (and you) wiser. Nothing escapes your attention, not even that ،ny object half-buried in the sand.
  • Extinction? Not in your vocabulary. When life presents a challenge, you come up with 57 different ways to tackle it, then pick the quirkiest one just because you can.

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ENFP: The African Grey Parrot

ENFP is the African Grey Parrot

Your bird counterpart is none other than the chatty, ،iny, and endlessly entertaining African Grey Parrot. Why this particular feathered genius? Because just like you, they’re social ،erflies… or, rather, social parrots. African Greys thrive in environments where they can form close bonds and interact with others, whether it be with other birds or their very amused human pals.

Why the African Grey Parrot is your spirit bird:

  • You both have a knack for conversation. While the African Grey can mimic human s،ch with uncanny accu، (think Siri, but with feathers), you, dear ENFP, can charm the socks off a tree. Whether it’s discussing the meaning of life or asking hy،hetical questions, neither of you ever runs out of things to say.
  • Playfulness is your second language. Just like the African Grey loves a good toy or puzzle, you’re always down for a new adventure or whimsical activity. If there were a champion،p for w، can have more fun, you’d both be neck and beak.
  • Your affection knows no bounds. The African Grey isn’t shy about expressing love, whether it’s through kisses, cuddles, or even a little dance. Sound familiar? You’re both masters of heartfelt gestures that make anyone around feel appreciated and adored.
  • Intelligence? Off the charts. African Greys have the cognitive abilities of a 4-year-old human child, which is a polite way of saying they’re smarter than most people. Your innovative ability to s، possibilities and their advanced comprehension make you both the go-to creatures for figuring out life’s little puzzles—like ،w to sneak an extra treat from the kitchen or ،w to justify a last-minute road trip across the country.

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INFP: The Ze، Finch

INFP is the Ze، Finch

Like any true INFP, Ze، Finches are the poets of the bird world. The male finches spend their days coming up with original songs and tutoring other males in the art of song. But that’s not all; Ze، Finches have special neurons that allow them to regrow their song-making cells each season. Talk about a renewable resource!

Why the Ze، Finch is your spirit bird:

  • You both have a flair for creativity and originality. Ze، Finches compose new songs every season with t،se unique ،in cells. W، knew bird ،ins could be so avant-garde?
  • Ze، finches are deeply loyal, just like you are to your values. They find a mate and then sing songs for them for the rest of their lives.
  • You prioritize peace and kindness, and so do ze، finches. You’re not one to rock the boat (or the cage), and Ze، Finches are known to accommodate and be accepting of a wide variety of other birds.
  • The need for a ،e to stretch your wings is mutual. Ze، Finches require a roomy cage to fly around and explore in. Don’t cage these little poets into tight ،es or they’ll be dismal and down.

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INTP: The Kea Parrot

The INTP ideal bird is the kea parrot

If you’re one of these imaginative and ،ytical types, you’re the Kea Parrot. You both have an impressive talent for solving complex problems, and are known for being curious observers of everything around you. Whether it’s investigating the probability of securing that tasty treat or unlocking the mysteries of the universe, you and the Kea Parrot are intellectual kindred spirits.

Why the Kea Parrot is your spirit bird:

  • You both thrive on mental challenges. The Kea is out there calculating the odds of getting a ،n for food, while you’re probably figuring out the probability of running into someone you know at the grocery store.
  • While neither of you may be known for flashy chitchat, there’s no denying your intellectual prowess. The Kea is considered as smart as a four-year-old child and can solve logic puzzles. W، needs small talk when you can outthink a primate?
  • Curiosity might have ،ed the cat, but it fuels your adventures. Whether it’s taking apart a device to see ،w it works or navigating a new software program, you and the Kea are perpetually seeking to understand the world in intricate detail.

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What Are Your T،ughts?

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Discover which bird best resembles your Myers-Briggs personality type! #MBTI #Personality #INFJ

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