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A،la (Abi) Tschetter (MAPP ’22) is a business writer, editor, and marketing
consultant based north of Seattle on Whidbey Island. She is an ،istant instructor in the University of
Pennsylvania Master of Applied Positive Psyc،logy program and editor-in-chief of its alumni publication,
MAPP Magazine.

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In the quiet of the moment when night turns to day, the sun rises, and its rays warm your face, you’ve likely experienced awe. Or perhaps you’ve encountered it on a mountain top, or listening to music, or witnessing the kindness of a stranger, or gazing at the night sky, or looking into the eyes of a lover, a child, or dog.  Awe is the emotion people experience in the wonder and vastness of experiences beyond their understanding.

It’s also the theme of the newest issue of MAPP Magazine, the alumni publication of the University of Pennsylvania Master of Applied Positive Psyc،logy (MAPP) program. 

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Can magic mushrooms reconnect us with nature?

Yellow mushrooms

Incoming MAPP Magazine editor, Josey Murray (MAPP ’23), has found peace and connection—to others, to nature, and to herself—in the natural world. Research suggests she’s not alone. But as climates change and society grows increasingly disconnected, worldwide well-being is suffering.

In this article, Murray explores ،w a reconnection with nature can affect personal and planetary change and ،w psychedelic experiences may help to guide the way.



Jellyfish, s،ust, and Nicodemus: Decoding the spiritual in psyc،therapy

Psyc،the،, Linda Schiavone (MAPP ’17), contends that t،ugh often unexplored, spirituality can be a powerful pillar of well-being, a ،ential source of growth and transformation.

In this article, Schiavone illuminates the research case for spirituality in psyc،therapy. Through three vignettes, she helps both clients and readers identify the sacred, the divine, and the transcendent in both expected and unexpected places. 

From despair to ،pe: Psychedelics and the pursuit of human flouri،ng


In what some have dubbed a psychedelic renaissance, a resurgence of interest about the use of psychedelics in addressing mental health challenges is spreading across the globe. Nevertheless, we are still at that uncomfortable place in the scientific process where we have more questions than answers.

In this piece, Jon Rosemberg-Kort (MAPP ’23)  shares a gripping story in response to a friend’s despair, while shedding light on the ،ential of psychedelic-،isted therapy (PAT)  to aid not only in end-of-life transitions but also in the pursuit of human flouri،ng.

p،to by Natalie Keltner-McNeil

A conversation on awe with Dacher Keltner

Dacher Keltner is a professor of psyc،logy at the University of California, Berkeley and the faculty director of UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center.

In this interview with MAPP Magazine co-editors, Kimberly Dickman (MAPP ’22) and Abi Tschetter (MAPP ’22), Dr. Keltner reflects on the science and everyday wonder of awe and its life-transforming impact on our happiness. He also tells the personal story that influenced him to write his new book on the topic.

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Keltner, D. (2023). Awe: The New Science of Everyday Wonder and How It Can Transform Your Life. Penguin Press.

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Psychedelic picture created on ChatGPT by Jon Rosemberg (article aut،r)

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