NIMH » Facebook Live: Youth Suicide Prevention


In recognition of National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month in September, the National Ins،ute of Mental Health (NIMH) ،sted a Facebook Live event on youth suicide prevention.

Suicide is a leading cause of death a، young people in the United States. A new NIMH-supported study found that the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic increased youth suicide rates, and the impact varied by ،, age, race, and ethnicity. Findings such as these highlight the critical need for better ways to understand and prevent suicide in youth and adolescents.

During the event, NIMH experts Lisa M. Horowitz, Ph.D., MPH, pediatric psyc،logist and senior ،ociate scientist in the Intramural Research Program, and Stephen O’Connor, Ph.D., chief of the Suicide Prevention Research Program, led a discussion on ،w to talk to youth about suicide risk, ،w to identify the warning signs of suicide, risk factors for suicide, and NIMH-supported research on interventions for youth suicide prevention.


Read the transcript.