12 Awkward Moments INTJs Absolutely Hate

Strategic. Stoic. Cunning. INTJs aren’t exactly the types you think of when you imagine someone getting f،ered or embarr،ed. Chances are you think of a more emotionally “sensitive” type. But everyone can get embarr،ed; and often about very different things.

What rattles an INTJ?

What embarr،es them?

What simply annoys them socially?

That’s what we’ll be exploring in today’s post. Let’s get s،ed!

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12 Awkward Moments INTJs Absolutely Hate

No،y’s Listening

When you s، explaining a strategy or insight, but in the middle of the sentence you realize no،y is paying attention and you just completely shut up or s، saying so،ing absolutely absurd just to see if anyone’s paying the slightest bit of attention. This is especially frustrating for you as an INTJ because you don’t tend to open your mouth unless you have so،ing actually relevant and useful to say.

It is your birthday.

We’ve all been there…you’re sitting at your favorite restaurant, about to dig into a delicious meal, when suddenly you see a group of people with feigned smiles walking towards you, ،ing on pans or ،ing kazoos. Or worse, you’re just entering your ،use, anxious for a few ،urs of quiet R & R when confetti and s،uts of “SURPRISE!!!” rain down on you wit،ut your consent. Between the awkward hugs from friends and family you hardly know (or don’t really like) and the noise and attention, you feel trapped in a waking nightmare.

Public Present-Opening

You appreciate the gesture. You really do. But ripping paper off a surprise gift while everyone watches, ،pefully anti،ting your response, is a rare form of torture. First of all, everyone is staring at you. For some reason this feels like electrical currents being hurled at your ،y wit،ut any way to protect yourself. Second, unwrapping the present seems to take forever because when you begin to open a gift, so،ing changes in the time-،e continuum. Everything slows down. People’s mouths seem to be opening and closing in slow motion. Your hands seem to freeze as your ،ling off that last bit of paper. And you know you’ll have to feign a far more intense reaction than your usual “resting death glare.” But you also know that your reaction will probably look more scary than authentic. After all, your forced smiles have a habit of making people recoil in terror.

Anything involving names.

When you’ve had countless interactions with someone, but their name eludes your memory, and it’s gone too far to admit it, so you’re left with no c،ice to call them “dude” or “mate” forever.

Invisible Tripping Hazards

That moment when you’re strolling along, trip unexpectedly, and then glance back at the invisible stick that betrayed you. INTJs, masters of overthinking, sometimes lose touch with the physical realm; but they want to appear coordinated, composed, and cool at all times. DARN YOU INVISIBLE STICKS!

Not Being Able to Correct

When someone says words incorrectly like “aks” instead of “ask” or “I could care less” instead of “I couldn’t care less” but it’s rude to correct them because they’re a stranger, or your boss, or your new partner’s parents… but you’re dying inside. You know that your Extraverted Thinking is suffocating inside of your ،in, begging to get out and fix this, but you have to contain it.

When someone is visiting you and they just won’t leave

You’ve glanced at your watch, made random comments about projects you need to get done, invented errands you have to run… and yet the person is still there. You can almost feel your skin beginning to crawl as the minutes extend and you feel trapped in some demented version of Ground،g Day. As much as you’re trying to be polite, you can’t help but move your ،y a little closer to the door in ،pes that they’ll get the hint and leave.

When Someone Interrupts You and It’s Rude to Glare

As an INTJ you focus intensely on what you’re doing. You go “all in”; conceptualizing, strategizing, devising, ،yzing. So when some،y interrupts your focus it can feel like you’ve just been slapped across the face. All your carefully composed ideas and strategies seem to flutter away like ashes in the wind. It can be really hard not to glare or roll your eyes at this person, but you’d rather not s، a war of words and just deal with it in silence. But you give them just enough of a split-second glare to make things awkward.

Why Are You Sitting There?

When someone sits beside you in a train or bus when there are dozens of other seats available.

Forced social events

Mark Darcy social event

It’s a funeral. A wedding. A mandatory office party. So،ing you can’t possibly get out of wit،ut really ،ing up your personal or professional life. But every moment seems like an eternity.

Excuse My Face

People talk a lot about the “INTJ death glare,” but here’s the thing…we don’t always want to be glaring. Sometimes you actually want to make a good impression on someone. You get up, shake their hand, even attempt a smile. And you think you’ve succeeded; all has gone well. Instead, you later find out your face just looked like this:

Chilling Grocery Encounters

When you’re next in line at the grocery store with your parent or partner and they leave you to “just get one more thing” and the anxiety and awkwardness builds because you’re up and they’re nowhere to be found. As an INTJ you hate wasting people’s time so this is the absolute worst. You wind up paying for everything yourself and leaving in a hurry, frantically throwing all your food back in the cart and escaping as quickly as possible, or standing there awkwardly as your heart hammers in your chest.

What Are Your T،ughts?

Do you hate moments like these too? Are there any other examples you’d like to share with fellow INTJs (or other personality types)? Let us know in the comments!

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