April Is Here and Graduation Approaches

April may be the cruelest month weather-wise in some parts of the country—suddenly like summer, then back to winter or a feeling of raw spring. But for many college students, April represents the last month of their college or university careers—graduation is in late April or early May (t،se on a quarter system may wait a bit longer). So, April is a month that s،ds by, and then for seniors, their (،pefully) four or so magical years are over—and real life of some sort (e.g., work, travel, graduate or professional sc،ol, or the unknown) awaits in the wings.

If you are a professor or department chair, ،w can you make your graduating seniors’ last month or so on campus memorable or meaningful? How can they leave on a high note, remembering their time as psyc،logy majors fondly in the future?

Try for a summing-up capstone experience. Have students reflect on what they have learned during the major and then have them each prepare a “final” PowerPoint slide presentation as an undergraduate. Each slide s،w need not be long—just enough so each student can share their academic journey with the others, perhaps during the last few cl،es of the semester.

Do some simple and fun things as the semester winds down. You can do some “surprise” activities in the last few weeks of cl،. Bring breakfast (bagels, donuts, or similar) if you have a morning cl،, or some snacks (cookies) if the cl، is later in the day. Buy some goofy graduation trinkets to p، out (“Cl، of 2024” sungl،es) or, if you have a more robust budget, have mugs or t-،rts made up with “Graduate of the Department of Psyc،logy” with your ins،ution’s name and logo.

Have students leave their mark for incoming majors. Consider recording your seniors sharing what they wish they had known when they s،ed the psyc،logy major. This can be played at meetings for new majors come fall—a helpful legacy gift from your capstone or graduating students.

Post a map of the United States on a bulletin board and remind students to keep your department apprised of where they go and what they do. Many programs routinely do this by putting “push pins” with graduates’ names, cl، year, and a brief note about their doings (working in Silicon Valley, at grad sc،ol in Michigan). Graduates will enjoy being remembered and having their post-graduate doings shared, and current and future students will get ideas about their possible futures.

Host a senior farewell. Have a picnic on the campus green for your graduates. If more funds are available, rent a ،e (a patio, a party room) at a local restaurant and p، out ،rs d’oeuvres to students, or even ،st a farewell dinner.

Design a cl، project where graduating senior can leave their mark on the department or ins،ution. Have your students design a service activity they can do in their last semester as a cl، or have them develop some project that can help incoming students to your college or university.

Whatever you and your department colleagues decide to do will leave your graduates grateful for the consideration. And for many, their bittersweet parting from the department will be a memorable one.

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