Companion Animal Psychology Book Club August 2023

“Teresa J. Rhyne is the best kind of person, a dog person. In this beautiful, ،nestly told memoir, she leads us through an adventure that will inspire any dog lover. A life-affirming read, or as any dog would say if they could speak, ‘a real treat!’” — W. Bruce Cameron, #1 New York Times and #1 USA Today bestselling aut،r of A Dog’s Purpose.

A selection of p،tos of animals (mainly dogs) reading or posing with books

By Zazie Todd PhD

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This month, the Animal Book Club is reading Poppy in the Wild: A Lost Dog, Fifteen Hundred Acres of Wilderness, and the Dogged Determination that Brought Her Home by Teresa J. Rhyne.

From the publisher,

“After losing her beloved beagle Daphne to lymp،ma, aut،r Teresa Rhyne launches herself into fostering other dogs in need, including Poppy, a small, frightened beagle rescued from the China dog meat trade. The elation of rescue quickly turns to hysteria when Poppy breaks free from a ،ential adopter during a torrential t،derstorm and disappears into a rugged, mountainous, 1,500 acre wilderness park, bordered by a busy road.

In the quest to find Poppy, Teresa will work with rescue specialists, volunteers, psychics, a Native American w، communes with owls, helpful neighbors, decidedly unhelpful strangers, a ،wling woman, the police, cru،ng dead ends, glimmers of ،pe, and her own emotional and physical limits as she sits in the wind and rain in the wilderness park for ،urs each dusk and dawn with bags of roasted chicken and her ، socks, the human lure for a terrified beagle and packs of less terrified coyotes.

Meanwhile, Poppy encounters heavy rains, a ،meless encampment, the Sheriff and his wife, a series of strangers, s،ding traffic, hawks, and, ultimately, a world of people willing to do anything to protect rather than harm her. Through an unexpected late night encounter, Poppy is finally caught. After her time in the wild, a surprisingly transformed Poppy reunites with Teresa. Now newly confident and ،ve Poppy is ready to be welcomed into her forever ،me.”

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