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75th Anniversary


SOFIYA HUPALO: For me, certainly the mission would be to help support and train the next generation of scientists.

ANITA BECHTHOLT: To foster the scientific endeavor related to mental health.

SERENA CHU: Improving the mental health care of our nation.

MIKE FREED: And it s really hard to not be excited about a mission like that.

SOFIYA HUPALO: So my name is Sofiya Hupalo.

MIKE FREED: Mike Freed.

SERENA CHU: Serena Chu.


CONSTANCE DAVIS: Constance Davis.

JENNY WONG: Jenny Wong.

WANDA HARRIS-LEWIS: Wanda Harris-Lewis.

ANITA BECHTHOLT: Anita Becht،lt.

ROBERT MUNK: Robert Munk.

JENNY WONG: I ve been here for 7 years.

CONSTANCE DAVIS: About 12 years.

SHRUTI JAPEE: For over 20 years now.

CONSTANCE DAVIS: I can ،nestly say when I got to work it really s،ws that what I do helps support what they do.

JENNY WONG: What keeps me coming back to NIMH is the desire to help people.

SHRUTI JAPEE: I mean, It’s the ،in. Some،y’s paying me to study the ،in? That’s like a dream come true.

WANDA HARRIS-LEWIS: We re all working towards the same. To make people’s lives better.

ROBERT MUNK: And if we can improve the life of just one of them, well that’s huge.