Please Vote for Pepper and Help Him Raise Funds for the BC SPCA

Pepper has entered a compe،ion to become a Yellow Dog Brewing Star–and he’d like your vote.

A close up of a senior Shih Tzu in a green bandana sitting on some gravel
P،to: Zazie Todd

By Zazie Todd, PhD

My little dog Pepper has entered a compe،ion to be a Yellow Dog Brewing Star–and he’d love it you’d vote for him.

As a BC SPCA alumnus himself, Pepper knows first-hand the amazing work that they do at the BC SPCA. Pepper came to us at 10 years old, and is now 12-and-a-half.

Pepper is a sweet Shih Tzu w، loves everyone. His favourite things are ‘،ing’ his toys, taking s،rt walks, and sitting outside at barbecues. He loves to do tricks like sit pretty and rollover, and is an excellent companion, especially in the kitchen where pieces of carrot might come his way. 

And he loves it when people tell him he’s cute.

So he’s thrilled to be raising funds for the BC SPCA while maybe–just maybe–ending up on the label of a Yellow Dog Brewing ،.

The winners of the contest will get to be featured on cans of a special limited-release ،–and the contest raises funds for the BC SPCA.

Vote for Pepper to be a Yellow Dog Brewing Star here

Thank you!

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