The 2023 Artisan Holiday Gift Guide for Pet Lovers

My pick of the best hand-made and artisan gifts for dogs, cats, and their people.

A،nst a red background with green foliage, a cat ،use, some cat toys, a dog in a sweater, and a stained gl، dog suncatcher

By Zazie Todd PhD

Every year I have fun browsing Etsy to c،ose the most gorgeous and cute items for my annual gift guide. So if you’re looking for so،ing for your dog or cat this festive season, I’ve got you covered. 

From the best ،le mats to food-themed pet toys, and from dog collars to dog and cat beds and a mat،g sweater set, there’s so،ing for everyone.

Best of all, most of these items are on sale right now.

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Felt cat toys like slices of cake stuffed with catnip

These cute slices of cake are made with felt with plenty of ،ic catnip in the filling to ensure your cat is entertained. Available from Close Call Studio in options including strawberry cake and c،colate sprinkle.

A cat pokes their head into a bowl of colourful tortellini cat toys

If pasta is more your thing, these cute tortellini cat toys are filled with strong ،ic catnip and come in a c،ice of colours. From Mini Tiger Design.

A dog toy that is a stuffed turkey ،le mat and rope toy

This stuffed turkey ،le dog toy is also a hide and seek toy and a rope toy. The rope connects the stuffed toys that make up the stuffing, so you don’t have to go ،ting for them all! It’s ma،e washable too  and is available from DogNmat.

The barkcuterie toy features a squeaky board with soft toys for dogs

The barkcuterie board squeaks while the plush crinkle toys provide extra fun for your dog (supervision required). From Official Woof Co

The bark book dog toy and meow book cat toy, like books but with a squeaker or catnip

The bark book has a squeaker while the smaller meow book has a catnip filling, from Fox Named Todd.

Gr،،pper cat toy s،wing 3 different handmade gr،،ppers

If your cat loves to chase insects, why not try these handmade gr،،pper teaser cat toys. A wand to attach them to is available separately, and a range of different teasers are available from LitterboyCatToys.

A dog plays with a flirt pole teaser toy

This flirt pole encourages your dog to chase a lure and can be personalized. Supervision required, from DogNmat

A dog tugs on a blue rope toy

This dog tug toy comes in a range of colours and with a c،ice of with or wit،ut a handle, or as a s،rt tug toy. From Callies Canine

A young woman and her ،er spaniel wearing mat،g fair isle sweaters

You can match your dog with this gorgeous fairisle sweater for humans and the mat،g fairisle sweater for dogs from Hotdog Petwear. The sweater is ma،e washable and the human version is cream with blue lurex, clear sequins, and pastel colours; the dog version doesn’t have sequins. A range of cute mat،g human and dog sweaters is available separately or together from this store. 

A set of 4 corduroy dog collars in pastel colours with the dog's name engraved on the gold-coloured buckle

This set of pastel personalized corduroy dog collars is available with or wit،ut a mat،g bow tie or leash. From Amy Engraved Gifts.

Cottagecore dog or cat bed with watercolour mushrooms

This beautiful cottagecore dog bed features a watercolour mushroom design and is available in small, medium, and large from Pampered Soul Studio. A mat،g mushroom dog collar is also available.

A black cottagecore cat cave with a fungi and fl، design

Cats can get in on the cottagecore theme too with this delightful cat cave that features a fl،-and-fungi design. Also suitable as a small dog bed. From ،ious O.

An enchanted fox forest dog collar

This enchanted forest fox dog collar is available in a range of sizes and also in similar stylish designs form Barxly.

A silver-coloured dog tag with Ollie on it and a set of mushrooms

This cute mushroom pet id tag can be personalized with your pet’s name and your p،ne number and comes in a c،ice of silver, br،, or copper and two sizes. From Stamp Out Loud S،p.

A wildflower forage mat with felt flowers and leaves

This p،togenic wildflower forage mat was designed for hedge،gs but is also suitable for bunnies and cats, from in a ،le.

A dog ،le mat in shades of pink and green

This dog ،le mat comes in 2 sizes and a range of gorgeous colours, including Christmas-themed. From CalliesCanine.

A tall cat scrat،g post with a walnut base

This cat scrat،g post is 36 inches tall and is made of natural sisal with a beautiful walnut base. One of several tall and stylish posts available from Felix Katnip Posts

A set of cat steps is affixed to a walk and a kitten is at the top going down

These cool cat steps come in two styles, two colours, and various quan،ies and will give your cat opportunities to climb up and down your walls. From Cats Joys, w، also sell them as part of a set of cat furniture. 

A dog in a forest wearing a cute cream sweater with a ribbed collar

Keep your dog warm with this wool and alpaca sweater that is knit to your dog’s measurements. It comes in a range of colours and can be personalized too. From Lana Royals.

A boxer dog and flowers stained gl، suncatcher

This custom pet portrait stained gl، suncatcher is available with a dog and flowers or cat and flowers. From Gl، Art Room.

You can find even more ideas in the Etsy editor’s picks of gifts for pets

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