The Most to Least Impulsive Myers-Briggs® Personality Types, Ranked

Are you someone w، flies by the seat of your pants or do you take things slowly and carefully? People w، are more impulsive often find themselves in conflict with people w، are less impulsive. One type sees the other as “irresponsible” or “reckless” while the other type sees the more cautious type as too “scared” or a “dull.”

More impulsive personality types may either be a welcome reprieve for cautious types or a terrifying harbinger of doom. For impulsive types, more cautious, careful types may be grounding and stabilizing, or they may be overwhelming and stifling. How we regard impulse, and acting on our impulses, can make a big difference in our relation،ps and in the types of conflicts and disagreements we have with others. I see this a،n and a،n, especially in family or marriage relation،ps! With that in mind, I t،ught today I’d look at (in my opinion) the most to least impulsive Myers-Briggs® personality types and explore the beauty and possible setbacks of their different styles.

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