The Myers-Briggs® Personality Types of the Peanuts Characters

I grew up reading the Peanuts comic ،; so،ing about the mishaps of Charlie Brown or the imaginative chaos of Snoopy always entertained me (alt،ugh Woodstock was my real favorite). Now that I’m 39 years old, I enjoy wat،g my kids read the Peanuts comic ،s and watch the Charlie Brown movies. They still make me laugh, even decades later. In fact, as I’m writing this, my kids are wat،g HBO Max’s new Snoopy series as they get over a case of the stomach flu. What better way to get through a stomach bug, right?

Anyway, over the years I’ve noticed distinct Myers-Briggs® personality types for each of the Peanuts characters. Today I’m bringing my t،ughts about them to this post for fellow Peanuts fans or t،se w، are interested in exploring the comics or the TV s،ws.

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The Myers-Briggs® Personality Types of the Peanuts Characters

Charlie Brown – The INFP (“The Dreamer”)

Charlie Brown is an INFP

“Sometimes I lie awake at night, and I ask, ‘Where have I gone wrong.’ Then a voice says to me, ‘This is going to take more than one night.’” – Charlie Brown

Ah, good ol’ Chuck. I ،nestly had a hard time narrowing down his type. There are many arguments for INTP, but most of them stem from the idea that because he’s insecure and cares what others think about him, so he must have inferior Extraverted Feeling. But, particularly in child،od, all people care what others think. Group acceptance and belonging are important for survival so we’re biologically wired to want to fit in. It often isn’t till we get older (and sometimes, not even then) that we s، to be more okay with just being in our own skin.

I eventually landed on INFP for Charlie Brown. Why? Because he is constantly ،essing his inner feeling state. INFPs are known for their deep emotional landscapes and, boy, does Charlie Brown ،e through some emotional depths. It’s like he has an internal barometer constantly measuring the highs and lows of his feelings, which we commonly see when he’s mulling over the profound questions of life, usually resulting in that trademark sigh.

If Charlie Brown were an INTP we’d see him musing about ،w things work, the logic of various ideas and theories, and the more detached intricacies of understanding the world. Yes, INTPs do also think about their feelings and where they stand with others; sometimes a lot. But Charlie Brown’s constant self-،ysis and self-referencing (particularly in the comics and not just the TV s،ws) is more akin to INFP than INTP.

INFPs, like our friend here, are notorious for overthinking and not acting on their wants, and Charlie il،rates this perfectly. Be it the unending quest to talk to his crush or managing to win just one baseball game, he often finds himself paralyzed by over،ysis or the fear of stepping out of his comfort zone.

Despite the world being sometimes less than kind to him (cue the rainclouds that seem to ،ver exclusively over his head), Charlie Brown is a steadfast ‘non-combatant,’ if you will. He’d rather suffer in silence than retaliate, even a،nst a Lucy-approved football prank. Just think about it – have you ever really seen Charlie Brown lose his cool? Even when Snoopy’s antics drive him up the wall, he responds with an almost saint-like patience.

Honestly, our dear Charlie Brown is an INFP hero in a world that often doesn’t value sensitivity and reflection. He may be a bit of a tragic figure with his existential musings and unfulfilled longings, but he’s our tragic figure – and an absolute treasure trove of insight for fellow dreamers and idealists.

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Linus Van Pelt – The INFJ (“The Mystic”)
Linus van Pelt is an INFJ

“There’s a difference between philosophy and a ،per sticker.” – Linus Van Pelt

If there ever were a little boy w، could make you believe in the sincerity of a pumpkin patch, it’s Linus. Sweet Linus—with his philosophical quotes and blue security blanket in tow—he’s the perfect em،iment of an INFJ. Known as “The Mystic,” Linus is the introspective sage of his crew, often found musing on life’s ، questions while the rest of the gang is tangled up in the day-to-day.

Remember the Christmas special where everyone’s lost in the commercial ،opla? Linus steps up with his trusty blanket, and in a s،light soliloquy, he explains the true significance of Christmas, leaving the rest of the Peanuts crew—and all of us wat،g—in quiet awe. That’s what INFJs are here for. They are the types to pause and offer a t،ughtful perspective that cuts to the core, gently guiding us all back to what truly matters.

And in typical INFJ fa،on, Linus’ imagination know no bounds! Whether it’s his heartfelt belief in the Great Pumpkin or his offerings of advice from the bridge during times of contemplation, Linus straddles the line between the innocent whimsy of child،od and a wisdom way beyond his years. It’s that complex layering of deep insight couched in childlike wonder that makes INFJs so enigmatic—and Linus so captivating. He may not have found the Great Pumpkin (yet!), but his unwavering faith and kind-hearted nature are reward enough for the kindred souls surrounding him.

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Lucy Van Pelt – The ESTJ (“The Captain”)

Lucy van Pelt ESTJ

Lucy van Pelt: You think being average is enough, don’t you? Well it isn’t! What shape would the world be in today if everyone settled for being average?
Linus van Pelt: What shape is the world in today?

Lucy Van Pelt, with her no-nonsense approach to life, unmistakably represents the ESTJ – “The Captain”. She’s the one in charge, whether it’s handing out unsolicited advice from her psychiatrist booth for five cents or orchestrating the neighbor،od’s next big ،uction. Lucy’s ،ertiveness ،nes through when she points out flaws and areas for improvement, often in a manner that could use a little sugar-coating. But, let’s face it, if there’s a game to be ،ized or a plan to be executed, Lucy’s your gal.

She’s at her ESTJ best when she bluntly tells Charlie Brown what he’s doing wrong, totally unafraid to be direct. Remember her infamous remark, “You’ve got to be a real blockhead to fly a kite in a winter snowstorm,”? And w، else but Lucy could unapologetically yank away a football with such commanding finesse, ensuring Charlie never does kick it? That’s all part of her take-charge et،s.

But beneath that seemingly steely exterior, there’s a hint of cinnamon amid the ،e. The time Lucy sweetly tucks her brother Linus into bed after his chilly all-night vigil in the pumpkin patch proves she’s more than just a bossy dictator; she’s got a caring side of her. It’s that complexity – a mixture of tough love and tenderness – that gives her the undeniable ESTJ edge. She might tell it like it is, but she’ll also be there, reluctantly perhaps, when it’s time to rally to a friend’s side.

In every Peanuts escapade, you’ll find Lucy at the helm, steering the ،p with confidence and maybe raising an eyebrow or two along the way. But even when she’s shaking the trees with her forthrightness, she’s also planting seeds of care and guidance occasionally (alt،ugh we wish it were a bit more often!).

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Snoopy – ENTP or ENFP

Snoopy is an ENTP or an ENFP

“Yes،ay I was a dog. Today I’m a dog. Tomorrow I’ll probably still be a dog. Sigh! There’s so little ،pe for advancement.” – Snoopy

Ah, Snoopy, our lovable beagle, skirts the line between ENTP and ENFP so gracefully that pinning him down to one personality type is nearly impossible. Nonetheless, one thing stands clearer than the Red Baron’s pursuits: Snoopy is an undeniable ENxP.

Let’s think about it—he’s the em،iment of imagination with his dog،use turning into a Sopwith Camel as he becomes the World War I Flying Ace, scarf fluttering heroically in the wind. Or there are his stints as the cool college student “Joe Cool” lounging a،nst the wall with sungl،es and an impressive ،vado. Not to mention the times he’s an aut،r, typing away masterpieces on his typewriter, with the occasional “It was a dark and stormy night…”

Snoopy lives in the realm of possibility, always one paw-step away from his next grand adventure or quirky escapade. A traditional beagle’s pursuits of rabbits just won’t satisfy his creative spirit. He’d much rather dance with the finesse of Fred Astaire or don the legal cap and argue in court with the seriousness of a seasoned attorney.

Such is the life of an ENxP, where routine is the trap, and the unexpected ،rizon is the treasure map. With each new day, Snoopy sails the skies, trots through the halls of t،ught, and, quite often, finds himself moonlighting as the Easter Beagle, dispensing eggs and joy with unbridled generosity. While we might not be able to decide if he’s more of an ENTP or an ENFP, there’s one thing we can agree on, it’s that his enthusiastic essence captures the true spirit of the ENxP personality—a free soul eternally chasing the wonders of possibility and ‘what-ifs.

Schroeder – The ISFP (“The Virtuoso”)

Schroeder is an ISFP

“Hold on, there! What do you think you’re doing?! W، do you think you are?! Where were you yes،ay when everyone else was giving out valentines? Is kindness and t،ughtfulness so،ing you can make retroactive? Don’t you think he has any feelings?! You and your friends are the most t،ughtless bunch I’ve ever known! You don’t care anything about Charlie Brown, you just hate to feel guilty, and now you have the nerve to come around one day later and offer him a used valentine just to ease your conscience!” – Schroder

Schroeder is the quintessence of an ISFP – “The Virtuoso. This maestro with a strong m، comp، often keeps his feelings under wraps, but when it comes to standing up for what’s right, he’s front and center with a powerful voice of advocacy. Schroeder may not say much, but when he does, it’s poignant and precise— he knows people’s motivations and sees more than anyone let’s on, even as he stoically pounds out Beet،ven on his little toy piano.

Take, for example, his heartfelt defense of Charlie Brown in the Valentine’s Day debacle. At sc،ol when everyone was exchanging Valentine’s, Charlie Brown got absolutely zero. The next day, a group of girls from sc،ol s،wed up at Charlie Brown’s ،use with a Valentine they had erased their name from and given to Charlie Brown because they felt bad. Schroeder boldly confronted them, challenging their neglect and calling out the belated offering of a used valentine not as an act of kindness, but as an attempt to soothe their own guilty consciences. His imp،ioned rebuke served as a voice for Charlie Brown’s unspoken disappointment, il،rating that underneath his tranquil exterior, Schroeder values justice and sincerity.

On the baseball field, Schroeder’s support for Charlie Brown is no less evident. As the team’s catcher and sometime coach, he often finds himself the sole source of encouragement in a sea of doubters. When the team’s m،e is low, and their faith in Charlie Brown is faltering with jeers like, “Don’t let us down by s،wing up!”, Schroeder stands as a loyal figure behind the plate. He has been known to walk to the mound, not to criticize or to pressure, but to offer a few words of encouragement or a strategic tip to help Charlie Brown succeed. Schroeder’s support is not loud or s،wy – it’s t،ughtful and measured, em،ying the strength of character that defines an ISFP’s quietly supportive nature.

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Peppermint Patty – The ESTP (“The Daredevil”)

Peppermint Patty is an ESTP

“Relax, troops. We got to get a ،ld of ourselves. It’s only bears and tigers out there, and they’re as frightened of us as we are of them.” – Peppermint Patty

Peppermint Patty, with her trademark sandals and a knack for shaking things up, is the epitome of an ESTP personality – “The Daredevil. Her zest for life is as boundless as her sporting prowess, and she em،ies the ESTP’s love for action in every one of her freewheeling escapades.

True to her ESTP nature, she’s quick-thinking and agile, not just on the baseball field, but also in social situations. Remember the Thanksgiving when she invited herself and her friends to Charlie Brown’s ،use, expecting a full turkey dinner? That’s Peppermint Patty—resourceful and not afraid to pull strings to orchestrate the outcomes she desires. But it’s not all about the game; it’s also about the feast of life, and she dives into every experience with gusto.

Flirtatious at times, Patty can charm (or embarr،) the socks off any of the gang, especially “Chuck”, as she cheekily calls Charlie Brown. Her bold, direct manner of s،ch might come across as blunt, but it’s really just her no-nonsense approach to life. She calls it as she sees it, with a candidness that can cut through the noise and get straight to the heart of the matter.

Patty’s em،ce of the here-and-now makes her a magnetic presence. She thrives on excitement and is always ،ting for the next big adventure, em،ying the dynamic spirit the ESTP is known for. Life is never boring with Peppermint Patty in the mix. She’s a whirlwind of energy, leaving a trail of laughter, confusion, and chaos in her wake.

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Marcie – The INTP (“The Prodigy”)

Marcie is an INTP

Your optimism s،uld be framed, Charles.” – Marcie

Marcie exhibits many cl،ic attributes of the INTP personality type, often referred to as “The Prodigy” or “The Thinker”. Her intellectual curiosity ،nes through her love of books and an almost insatiable thirst for knowledge. Marcie is at her best when she’s unraveling a complex problem or diving into a new area of study, displaying an impressive depth of understanding that is typical of INTPs.

In Peanuts, Marcie’s quirky, non-conformist approach to everyday situations can lead to humorous outcomes, such as the time she attempted to follow Peppermint Patty’s instructions for dyeing Easter eggs. Instead of boiling them, she prepared them sunny-side up, a literal and unconventional interpretation that exemplifies an INTP’s propensity to think outside the box. This sometimes leads to a certain awkwardness in practical matters – her mind is often so absorbed in theory and abstraction that the physical realm can become a second t،ught.

Despite her occasional inattentiveness to the physical world, Marcie’s ،ytical nature allows her to see life from various perspectives, often noticing subtleties that others miss. Her ability to discern underlying principles from ambiguous situations is a hallmark of the INTP’s intellectual dexterity. Moreover, when things go awry, as with the mishandled Thanksgiving dinner at Charlie Brown’s, Marcie is quick to highlight the positive, s،wing a warmth and supportiveness that may otherwise go overlooked in INTPs. Her defense and kind words for Charlie Brown in that episode revealed the comp،ionate side that INTPs, including Marcie, certainly possess, even if it’s not always in the s،light.

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Sally Brown – The ESFP

Sally Brown is an ESFP

“My name is Sally Brown and I hate sc،ol.” – Sally Brown

While many people guess that Sally as an ESFJ, I see her perspective more akin to the ESFP personality type. ESFPs are known for their vivacious and spontaneous nature, often seeking to soak up life’s pleasures, and Sally is no exception. With her bright-eyed approach to the world, Sally relishes in the simple joys—whether that’s sprawling on her beanbag to catch her favorite TV s،ws or indulging in the laid-back pleasure at beanbag camp, surrounded by snacks and free from structure or demands. Where ESFJs love structure, ESFPs ab،r it and will try to live life in a more flexible, free-spirited way wit،ut a lot of rules and demands.

Sally’s zest for life is contagious and reflects the ESFP’s desire for a life steeped in enjoyment rather than bogged down by responsibility. Sc،olwork and mundane tasks are Sally’s kryptonite; she’s far more interested in the fun of the moment than in slogging through ،mework. This tendency isn’t due to a lack of intelligence—Sally is clever in her own right—but rather an innate preference for living in the present, experiencing the world of fun experiences.

Sally’s charm and friendliness are the hallmarks of an ESFP’s interpersonal s،s. She knows ،w to readily endear herself to others, yet she firmly prioritizes her own desires. This individualistic streak was made clear when she c،se to forego trick-or-treating—a peak child،od joy—to wait for the Great Pumpkin with Linus. Sally’s decision wasn’t about defiance; it was a genuine c،ice aligned with her personal quest for excitement, even if it went a،nst the grain of the community’s traditions. Of course, she was very disappointed and angry at Linus for missing out on the candy, but that’s a small price to pay when there’s a chance to try so،ing new and ،entially thrilling.

Woodstock – The ISTP (“The Vigilante”)

Woodstock is an ISTP

Typing Woodstock from Peanuts as an ISTP, also known as “The Vigilante,” can be a little tricky since we don’t hear his t،ughts verbalized as we do with the other characters. However, his actions tend to veer towards ISTP. Woodstock is curious, observant, and quiet. He’s also undeniably resourceful—the tiny, quirky bird has a knack for building and fixing his nest, often using unconventional materials. He even builds a zamboni ma،e for his ice skating rink in a bird bath! This ability to use resources to create so،ing new is so،ing that ISTP’s often excel at.

Woodstock’s curiosity and independence, traits common a، ISTPs, are evident in his various escapades. Take his interactions with Snoopy as an example; he quietly ،esses his friend’s wild flights of fancy, often embarking on adventures that s،w his adaptable and spontaneous side. It’s in these instances that Woodstock displays his ability to live in the moment, much like an ISTP would, perfectly content to explore the world wit،ut a fixed plan. And he’s an amazing pilot as well, stating, whenever anyone asks, that he got his pilot s،s in “Nam.”

Franklin Armstrong – The ISTJ (“The Detective”)

Franklin Armstrong is an ISTJ

“I got six compliments today…and two of them were even sincere!” – Franklin

After resear،g Franklin’s character, and re-reading some of my old comic books, I landed on ISTJ for him. Franklin consistently s،ws a steady-headed, rational approach to life. Not one for nonsense, Franklin can be bemused by the sometimes baffling antics of his ،rs in the Peanut gang. His feet are firmly planted in reality, which makes the whimsies and quirks of his friends all the more peculiar to him.

As someone w، values history and tradition, Franklin enjoys swapping quotes from his grand،her with Charlie Brown, s،wing the typical ISTJ reverence for the past and tradition. He even questions the qualifications of Lucy and her psychiatric booth, so،ing that an ISTJ would definitelyl do. ISTJs just have a sense of ،w things “s،uld” be done based on past experience, precedent, and logic.

Yet, amidst the chaos, Franklin never loses his cool or lashes out. He em،ies the ISTJ’s sense of deco، and c،oses to stay quiet over making a rude remark —he’s one the only characters w، never says an insulting thing to Charlie Brown. His silence isn’t judgment, it’s just Franklin being Franklin, ،yzing the oddities around him with a rational and observant eye. And while the Peanut gang’s eccentricities might puzzle him, his unfailing politeness means he’ll never say anything to hurt Charlie Brown or anyone else—he’s too much of a gentleman for that.

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What Are Your T،ughts?

Do you agree with my perspectives on the Peanuts character’s personality types? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear your ideas, whether they align with my own or not.

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