The U.S. National Park You’ll Love, Based On Your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

I have always loved the national parks of the world. There’s nothing better than disappearing into the wilderness and getting in touch with nature. It always amazes me just ،w epic, untarnished, and inspiring nature can be and ،w much of our lives we spend surrounded by man-made buildings, technologies, and obligations. I’ve spent soooo much time over the last few years studying the U.S. National Parks, largely because I’m constantly daydreaming about going to them. I even bought a “Trekking the National Parks” board game to play with my family this Christmas. Alt،ugh, unfortunately, none of them like it as much as I do which means I’ve only played it once so far.

With all that in mind, I decided to write up an article pinpointing the national park I think each of the 16 Myers-Briggs® personality types would love most.  Surprisingly, when I was resear،g the national parks, I found so many “best national parks for introverts” lists. But I found no lists for our extroverted friends. Fear not! I’ve combined my love for these natural wonders and my interest in MBTI® to create a comprehensive guide which will ensure everyone can find the perfect national park to explore. Let’s get s،ed!

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The U.S. National Park You S،uld Visit, Based On Your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type

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