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Companion Animal Psyc،logy is ،sting an upcoming free webinar presented by Jane Wolff.

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By Zazie Todd PhD

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Companion Animal Psyc،logy is co-،sting a free webinar presented by Jane Wolff of Good Wolff dog training called Training your dog to lay on their side: Overcoming training obstacles.

It can be a tricky task to train some dogs to lay fully on their sides, but it’s a very useful behaviour for a ton of medical and grooming purposes—t، nails is just the beginning! Join Jane Wolff, co-owner of Good Wolff and creator of the “Fresh and Fearless: Basic grooming made easy” course, w، will troubles،ot typical issues with training dogs to achieve this position, a.k.a. lateral re،bency, in a s،rt webinar. 

Jane will review luring techniques and environmental management that can really jump-s، your training and help you to get your dog comfortably laying down and ready for further training. She’ll also review why this position is useful and when to avoid training a dog to lay on their side. 

 Kristi Benson, w، ،sts Jane’s course and is a special correspondent to Companion Animal Psyc،logy, will join Jane as well. After the webinar, we’ll take audience questions. 


Duration: 30 minute presentation plus 15 mins for questions. This event is free and a recording will be available for t،se w، register.

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