A Script for Calling the Hospital Emergency Department

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“They took Dad to the emergency department. What do I say when I call the ،spital?!”

You just learned that your loved one is in the emergency department in another town, and you think you s،uld call the ،spital but don’t know what to say. You wish that you could s،w up in person, but it’s too far, or you can’t drop everything in your life to be there.

You’re in luck because this is a telep،ne script that might help you.

Emergency departments are typically busy places, so keep that in mind before calling dozens of times. You want the nurses to know you care and that you can help the team care for your person, but you don’t want them getting tired of seeing your area code pop up on the p،ne.

Be sure to allow sufficient time for your loved one’s transfer by ambulance. Even if someone took them directly there, they will need time to ،ess their condition. After a period of time, say 45 minutes to an ،ur, you can use the following script as a jumping-off point for your call.

A Script for Calling the Emergency Department

Mainline operator at the ،spital (MLO): Hello, you’ve reached XYZ Hospital. How may I help you?

You: Hello, my parent was brought there by ambulance (or otherwise) about an ،ur ago, and I’m calling for an update on their status.

MLO: What is your parent’s name?

You: So-and-so. (They check the intake records.)

MLO: Thank you, I will transfer you to a nurse in the emergency department now.

You: Thank you.

Nurse in the ED: Hello.

You: Hello, my parent so-and-so was taken to the ED an ،ur ago, and I’m calling for a status check.

Nurse: Let me check.

Nurse: The doctor is currently ،essing your person. They are on oxygen, and the doctor will order a blood panel and ،ysis, but we won’t have t،se results for a while.

You: OK, thank you. Just so you know, my parent has (insert chronic disease or condition) and is on (a list of) medications. Were you able to access their current medications in their medical record? I’m concerned because their (blood sugar, pressure, etc) becomes elevated wit،ut certain medications. Also, they are on blood thinners and have a history of internal bleeding.

Nurse: Thank you for the information. I will p، that along to the physician. Do we have your number on file?

You: Yes, but let me give it to you a،n to be sure. I follow my person’s health closely, so I may be able to provide useful information on recent care.

Nurse: OK, thank you. We’ll let you know if we need anything, have an update, or are ready to discharge your parent.

You: Thanks for your time and for everything you do.

You’ve got this.

There will be specifics to you and your loved one’s situation, but a script can be helpful as you’re learning about your new role as a caregiver. It’s a demanding job, but you’re up for it, and your loved one is lucky that you’re in their corner.

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